Denise and David in Europe 2016
September 22-24
  Ireland - Ross Castle, Dublin
last updated 25 September 2016
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Thursday 22 September - Donegal to Ross Castle, Meath    via Enniskellen

Breakfast time.......

Lovely service great food.

One of the many fairy houses on our walk along Bank Walk at Donegal.  

Bank walk view looking back at Abbey ruins not far from the main peer.

Look out .... back in Northern Ireland again.  We changed currencies sometimes 3 times a day as our drives lead us back and forwards over the boarder between Ireland and the UK.

Enniskillen Castle - There was a big grand opening of the new museum part of the castle.  The table below was very helpful at identifying clearly the different periods of time artifacts came from. An amazing amount of artifacts have been unearthed in Ireland over the years that come from all of these periods

An exquisite arrow head.

The above picture helps translate the markings on standing stones that can be found all over Ireland.

Enniskillen Castle.  We were lucky to find a car parking spot.  Everybody who was anybody was here today to celebrate the official opening of the new museum which was to the right of this picture.  Centuries ago this castle used to be on a little island in the middle of a lake. Enniskillen used to be Inniskillen.  Innes means island and Skillen means Catherine so really the place was Island of Catherine.  It's really hard to imagine where all that water went.

The Castle tower to the left houses a lot of war memorabilia. The stables to the right also have a lot of war vehicles.

Pictured below is Castle Coole - more like Palace Coole.  It looks amazing from the outside.  We were only privy to a tour around the ground floor.... no pictures please.... drat!  So we can't show you what the inside looks like.  The rooms were HUGE and the ceilings were as tall as those columns to the right of the picture.  The rooms were very opulent and there was great detail in keeping symmetry thoughtout.

Below a picture of our destination for the day - Ross Castle located in a town called Ross which is practically in the centre of Ireland.  We had stayed here 8 years ago and it was wonderful coming back for an over night stop.  We even had the same room (top of tower).  It was a hefty climb.  Glad we decided on overnight bags rather than the whole suitcase.  Definitely got a work out going up and down those stairs several times before the day was out. (Ed: David counted 73 steps - most of them spiral)

Our room with a view of the valley below.

Pictured below was the ground floor room - the stairs start at the left.  The spiral staircase is quite narrow and we cannot fathom how we ever got the suitcases up there the last time we visited.  I do recall we ended up leaving our luggage on the second level last time.

More photos of Ross Castle tomorrow.

Friday 23 September - Ross Castle to Dublin via Moneghan

Ross Castle pictures so well at any angle.  We were sharing the castle with just one other couple.  They were from Utah and we had a fabulous evening together talking about everything and anything.

Taking a little walk around the castle grounds I found this statue.  So adorable ..... this one is picked especially for Hayley and Taaren - I call it 'Hayley and Puskas'.

One of many derelict houses that dot Ireland.  They are pretty interesting in themselves.  They all would have great stories to tell I am sure.

Next stop  Malahide Castle near Swords.  One of the oldest occupied castles in Ireland. Home of the Talbot family for more than 800 years and boasts of not one but five ghosts.

A beautiful tower - Malahide Castle

Front entrance view.......

The ballroom.. The top left hand room is said to be haunted.  Love had not gone quite as planned and the love forlorn man hung himself.

We had taken copious amounts of photos during the tour but I particularly like this picture the best.

Onto a place called Swords and here we have Swords Castle.  The last time we visited it was closed and about to undergo major restoration.  Now, 8 years later, it is STILL undergoing restoration!  I must say it looks much grander from the outside than the inside but the church had been fully restored and quite wonderful to look at.

Entrance to Swords Castle

Pictured below the church (part of Swords Castle)

Inside the walls of Swords Castle - this is a picture of the far end of the Castle.  This part wasn't open yet and they were still working on the castle walls.

This marks the end of our Ireland stay. 

See you on the otherside  ....Next - the UK.  7am plane... multiple alarms set for 4:30am.

Saturday 24 September - Dublin to Manchester

Here was leaving Ireland on Ryanair. 

It is goodbye to Ireland

and hello to England.

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