Denise and David in Europe 2016
September 13-15
  Ireland - Dublin
last updated 16 September 2016
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Tuesday 13 September - Dublin

Let's not talk about European cars.  Where was reverse again after we turned head on into oncoming traffic at a freeway exit?

Thankfully the rest of the 25 minute drive to our hotel went without a hitch and David finally worked out how to use the handbrake,  (The handbrake was a rather small switch in the middle console)  we arrived at the hotel about 10:45pm. Comfortable and roomy with a view over the Liffey River. We are very central to everything here.

We couldn't go to bed straight away and Temple Bar district was just across the river from us so we re-acquainted ourselves during a stroll around the Temple Bar district before bed.  Look what Denise found?  Suddenly she felt at home again.  (This pic is for Aldene, Deirdre and Darryl and all the Sutcliffe' back home)

Den's day is complete after seeing this building.

Wednesday 14 September - Dublin

The next morning we set out from our hotel on the River Liffey and took in the city sites.
Penny Farthing Bridge in the distance.  Looks further in the picture than it is.  You can see our hotel on the left hand side situated on the corner of Jervis Street and Ormond Quay Lower. The ground floor has a white coloured front. We are on the third floor facing the river.

After a short breakfast in a local coffee shop not far from Dublinia it was time to enjoy more sights. Pictured below is Dublinia. We visited this site in our last trip to Ireland but Den convinced me it was well worth another look and this time I joined her.

First to Dublinia - a history of Ireland from Viking invasion to today.

Talking of Viking invasions..... Denise was quick to get into character.

Here is my favourite shot of Denise.Pic of the day  :-)  Den approves.

The views from the tower in Dublinia.

and ....

Back to walking down to the river.

Time for another rest - back to the hotel.

O'Connell Street main strip was next on our list.  Hungry tummies become a thing of the past after lunch at one of the Irish pubs along the way.  Yumo!.  Get a load of Denise's beer compared to Davids drink. The ginger ales that came with Davids drink was nearly as small as the salt shaker.

The strolling continues. An unplanned stop at the James Joyce Centre. Even though the exhibition was only a few rooms it still took over an hour to look around.  The interactive components take a bit of time to read through.  Well worth a visit if you are a James Joyce fan.  Pictured below are some clothes James wore as a kid.  Pic of James on the dressing table.


David was not too pleased at the amount of time I took.  He didn't join me and he couldn't find anywhere to sit  to wait.  Needless to say we were both rather focused on getting back to the hotel for another nap.  I think the jet lag finally caught up with us both.  We woke up - what 8:30pm already! 

Off to Temple bar again for dinner.  We were zonked.

Thursday 14 September - Dublin

A warm and sunny day in Ireland with a top of 17 forecast this is great.  Here are some highlights of our Dublin walks today.

Within a stones throw of our hotel (pictured below is part of the Temple Bar area)  Pubs galore and quite different during the day.


Entry to the South City Market (1881) and pictured below inside the market. 


The Powerscourt family city residence.  Behind the facade some parts of the house remain. The building is now a boutique shopping centre.

Entrance to the National Museum of Ireland Archaeology.

Pictured below is the Lurgan longboat

Remarkable finds at the Hill of Tara.  A sacred site north of Dublin.

The Hill of Tara , located near the River Boyne, is an archaeological complex. It contains a number of ancient monuments and, according to tradition, was the seat of the High King of Ireland.

Back at the Temple Bar.  For all the times we went past it we never went inside.  It was always packed.

Pictured below the entrance to the oldest pub in Dublin - The Brazen Head.  It was the venue for tonight's entertainment - Food, Folklore and Fairies.  My dinner consisted of entree, warm chicken salad, mains - traditional Irish stew and dessert, apple pie.


During dinner

Our host and story teller Ollie Grace.  He was a very quirky character and his stories and songs were very entertaining.

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