Denise and David in Europe 2016
September 12, 13
  Melbourne to Dublin
last updated 15 September 2016
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Monday 12 September - Home to Airport, Melbourne to Singapore

2:10 am Monday morning... phone goes Beep Beep.... your plane from Melbourne has been delayed by over 6 hours.  Ahhhhhhhh!  Connections in chaos, loss of half a day in Dublin!

But within the next 12 hours, all settled down and we departed for the airport via chauffeur driven limousine at 8:30pm.

Airport was essentially empty so we zipped through check in, security and immigration.  Not seeing much to do, we entered the Emirates Lounge and had dinner!

Flight to Singapore fairly uneventful.  But here we were on the plane at last!  Already after midnight - and we were supposed to have originally left at 6pm.  Never mind

David look pretty happy here as he explores his little business class compartment
and what about Denise?   Pretty happy with the situation also.  Privacy, space and a flat bed as well to enjoy later.

Tuesday 13 September - Singapore to Dubai, Dubai to Dublin

No time to hit lounges at Singapore.  Since the plane was running late, it was straight back to the departure lounge.

Denise captured a smoggy pic of Singapore on the way out. A view not always seen on take off.

The flight to Dubai seemed long.  David managed to watch a complete series of some new TV show he obviously got a great deal of pleasure.

David hit the bar first, which for David is unusual. However we eventually both enjoyed the nice open bar area later in the flight.  Chatting with others around the bar certainly made the last two hours of the flight unnoticeable.  A great place to also stretch the legs.

Soon, Dubai was on the horizon

Once we reached Dubai we knew we had a four and a half hour wait due to the 6 hour delay earlier and a subsequent later flight to Dublin.  It was a godsend that we had the Emirates Business Class lounge to enjoy.  We both even had a shower.

Den shared her experience of the airport.  She last came here on her CHIME Choir trip to the UK a few years back.  It was horrendously busy compared to this time which sees the airport lounges in this area fairly empty.   No big deal - just more shops.

Off on the last leg or our journey to Dublin. We were both disappointed with the smaller Emirates plane configuration to Dublin.  Business class seats were next to each other and narrow. On the last flight they took up the space of almost three seats with and were located behind each other. Even thought the flat bed still made a difference there was not enough room to swing a cat.  The tray table was the most awkward bit.  Oh yes ... and no private compartment mini bar on this one.  Well it was not actually a mini bar (no alcoholic drinks of note in them, only juices and water)

Are we there yet are we there yet?   The last leg is always the longest.

(Below) Its Mars!  No .... its really on route across Iran and Turkey

(Below - First views of the UK)  Not stopping here ..... Dublin not too far now.

Pictured below .... as the sun sets in the west we see the first coastline views of Ireland.  YAY.... we are here!

Again, we were first off the plane and straight through immigration in less than a minute.  Pity the bags took another 30 minutes. 

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